SwissAssist™ was created to give any and all CNC Swiss Machine shops help in the art of Swiss Machining. The past fifteen years have seen a boom in the CNC Swiss Machining industry. Unfortunately, the amount of trained personnel to program, set up, and operate CNC Swiss Machines has not grown at the same rate.
SwissAssist™ helps bridge that gap by offering training services on-site to CNC Swiss Machine shops all across the United States.  Training on-site at the customers facility has many benifits.   One such benefit is we reduce the customers liability risk with employees being “on the clock” while off company property.  Being on-site also allows us to customize the training programs to specific machines or processes, that the employees will be directly working on.


With over 30 plus years experience in the machining industry, working in Aerospace, Medical, Commercial, Micro Electronics, and Automotive industries, SwissAssist™ has the firm base knowledge and advanced skills needed to help companies succeed in CNC Swiss machining.
In 2015, Encompass Swiss Consulting was acquired by Boston Centerless in Woburn, MA and renamed SwissAssist™.
Companies large and small all across the Unites States have entrusted their training needs to SwissAssist™.  We have been fortunate enough to be included in magazines like Modern Machine Shop, Production Machining, and Canadian Metalworking for the services we provide our customers.

Future Goals

Our goal is simple: To become a national Swiss support and training leader with 100% customer satisfaction.