Below is a list of services we offer our clients. Please contact us by email or call us at: (781) 994-5115 for more information.
  • Basic CNC Swiss Machine / setup training

Setup times can make or break the profit margin on any job. Training employees to perform the setup efficiently and correctly the first time is essential to minimize changeover and downtime. SwissAssist™ can provide the training and assistance all at your facility.
  • CNC Swiss Machine Program training

An operator or setup person will excel at Swiss Machining when they understand what machine code procedures the machine wants to see and how it effects the cycle time of parts being machined.  Employees who work on the machine will be able to evaluate each program for waste and un-necessary moves once they understand how the machine works, therefore possibly reducing cycle time.
  • PartMaker CAD/CAM training

Finding it hard to schedule PartMaker CAD / CAM training off campus for your employees?
SwissAssist™ can help! We come to your facility to do the training. We help you with YOUR parts on YOUR machines and work around YOUR schedule.
Want training without losing production time? Call us at (781) 994-5115 with your PartMaker training problems and let us help.
  • CNC Swiss Machine programming / applications engineer.

Already have your programmer running at capacity? Do you have a new project launch with limited man hours? Need a temporary process and application Engineer for your Swiss Department? SwissAssist­™ can help. From tooling selection to programming to trouble shooting problems, we can provide the assistance you need, when you need it.
  • Tooling,  job, or department wide organization / setup reduction.

A CNC Swiss Machine department efficiency is directly related to quality of the machines, employees, and organization around it.  SwissAssist™ provides organizational direction and training to bring all these things together at your facility.  From the training of the beginning Swiss Machinist, to the training of advanced programming techniques, to the complete organizing for maximum productivity, SwissAssist™  is here to help.